“Extracurricular activities not only give children something to do in their free time, but also promotes a positive sense of self”

At St Joseph’s School, we run a variety of after school clubs. We believe that all children should have the opportunity to explore and experience a range of different activities which they enjoy.  Exposing them to such activities also helps to boost their self-confidence and promotes excellent future social skills.

Please see below a list of after school clubs where you can find information on cost, duration and how to enroll your child.

List of After School Clubs for the Autumn 2016 Term

Day Club Name Year Group
Monday Mad Science
26th Sep to 7th Nov
Years 1 to 6
Musical Theatre Dance Years 1 to 3
Yoga Nursery – Rec
Tuesday Football Years 1 to 3
French Beginners
French Intermediate
Wednesday Spanish Rec. to Year 3
Chess Year 1 to 6
Thursday Street Dance Years 4 to 6
Disney Dance Nursery to Rec.
Performing Arts Years 1 to 3
Tennis Years 1 to 3