Art and DT

At St Joseph’s pupils are given the opportunity to develop the skills of observation and perception and to use a variety of media and techniques in Art and Design and Technology. Pupils practise and develop their artistic skills and abilities in art lessons and other areas of the curriculum. They are introduced to a wide range of artistic materials, tools and techniques.

Pupils have the chance to study the work of great classic and contemporary artists and to try out the various techniques they have learned about. We have an annual arts week, where we celebrate the schools art work.

Design and Technology is taught through activities that are intended to teach pupils to apply and improve skills required to solve practical problems. We use off-site visits and visitors to the school to further enrich our pupils’ knowledge and understanding of their class topic.

Parents may obtain more information from the following sources:

  • Parents’ ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings at the beginning of the academic year
  • Class Termly Newsletters
  • Parent Workshops held throughout the year
Year 6 art lesson

Year 6 Art lesson