Parents Teachers Friends Association

Our PTFA is very committed.  In fact they are like a team of elves that spend all year quietly organising, sourcing, baking, cooking, gardening and painting to ensure events and celebrations at St Joseph’s have a real ‘homemade’ feel to them.

At St Joseph’s we work closely with our parents to ensure that learning is a shared responsibility.  We keep parents and carers up to date with their child’s progress by holding Parents Evenings twice a year and because we want our parents to feel they can come and speak to us if they wish to discuss any aspect of their child’s learning it is possible to make an appointment before or after school all year round.  We also have a weekly Newsletter which gives a flavour of St Joseph’s with an update on assemblies, trips and general school activities.

As well as our PTFA we also have a number of parents and carers that come into school and work with children on a voluntary basis, helping with reading, writing and After School Clubs and accompanying classes on trips.