St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Catholic Life and Mission

At St Joseph's our motto shapes our Mission: 

'Through Christ We Achieve Our Personal Best'.

This motto is for all of the St Joseph's community, children, staff, parents and Governors.

Through the teaching, words and example of Jesus Christ, we strive to give of our best in all areas of school life.

We are a welcoming and inclusive school. We value our pupils' voice and input.

Through prayer times, assemblies and class discussions children are consistently encouraged to be kind, selfless and respectful. 'Kind words, kind hands, kind feet' is a regular mantra in the school.

Supported by our faithful, dedicated and ambitious families - St Joseph's aims to inspire each child to reach their full potential and to flourish (whether that be academically, spiritually, socially, musically, artistically - or all of the above!).

It is regularly discussed with the children that we must not merely say good things, but we should look to put our faith into action (to truly 'love our neighbour'). Why we should do this is also regularly discussed to deepen the children's understanding of our responsibilities as Christians. Through the school year there are many ways in which the community of St Joseph's looks to make a positive impact for the 'Common Good'. This may be through prayer, teaching, specific projects, or through charity fundraising for various local, national and international charities.

All staff are conscious of the fact that working in our Catholic school is a privilege and a responsibility. The children deserve our 'personal best' every day and we expect our children to strive to do their 'personal best' in every area of the curriculum and in their personal and social development.  

Educating is an act of love - it is like giving life.

Pope Francis

Each week the school newsletter has a 'Catholic Life' section which updates our families on developments from the past week. 

Here are some quotes from families who have been part of St Joseph's:

+ Our children ' have grown in love of learning, respect and care for their peers and confidence'.

+ Thank you to the staff who taught our 'children daily with enormous care and patience, allowing them to discover, cherish and develop the best in them.'

+ 'We know what being a St Joseph's student truly means'.

+ 'In St Joseph's we found more than a school, we found a community...we found a family'.

+ 'We discovered that love can be received through a school'.

+ Your unwavering commitment to our children's well-being and development is truly inspiring'.

+ Our child ' has learned to be close to God in a very natural way'.

+ 'We found a community sharing our family's values'. Thank you for creating an atmosphere of ' trust and kindness'.