St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Pupil Chaplaincy Team

Here are the new members of the St Joseph's Pupil Chaplaincy Team for the academic year 2023-2024!

The children made fantastic applications detailing why they thought they would be good members of the team and what kind of skills they would bring to the role. They have promised to be good role-models throughout the school and assist with all areas of RE at St Joseph's.

They, like the staff, want St Joseph's to continue to be the most vibrant, authentic Catholic school that it can possibly be.

The team have already had their first meeting with Mr Stacey, Miss Reis and Miss Nadotti and certain roles and responsibilities have already been established.

Mr Stacey, Miss Reis and Miss Nadotti are looking forward to working with the new team and they have already been busy - see below! God Bless the new Pupil Chaplaincy Team and all their efforts this year. Look out for news of their endeavours in the weekly newsletter and on Instagram!

Our new Pupil Chaplaincy Team have been working with Year 1 helping them to make the Sign of the Cross. 

The Team created a space where Pope Francis' monthly prayer intention could be displayed.

Year 4 members of the Pupil Chaplaincy Team got to work checking class child-led worship folders and resources.

Inspired by a visit from a CAFOD volunteer - the Pupil Chaplaincy Team created and displayed their own CAFOD posters to raise awareness of our fundraising efforts in the school.

October is the month of the Holy Rosary, I asked the Year 5 members of the Pupil Chaplaincy Team to write a prayer which could replace our usual after-lunch prayer this week.

Kaelyn wrote this beautiful prayer which all classes have used. Thank you Kaelyn!

Members of the Pupil Chaplaincy Team observe child-led worship sessions and feedback to the prayer leaders afterwards. Their feedback is always positive, incisive and delivered very maturely. In their evaluation of the sessions, they discuss strengths and suggest areas for development.

They are able to give advice to their peers to ensure our child-led worship sessions are always special, reflective times.

Members of the Pupil Chaplaincy Team decided to award a prize to the best prayer area and display for the Advent topic! The standard was extremely high.

Members of the Pupil Chaplaincy Team plan and lead lunchtime Celebrations of The Word for their peers. Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 members each take a turn during Lent.

Here, Year 6 members of the team lead other children in prayer. 

Year 5 members of the Pupil Chaplaincy Team plan and lead a Lenten prayer session, well attended by their peers.



The Pupil Chaplaincy Team at St Joseph's is a faithful, active and vibrant group.

They are supported by the Head of School and other members of staff. The team are expected to be proactive, lead by example and take responsibility for developing the Catholic Life of St Joseph's. 

Children apply for the role and make an application detailing why they want the role and what they could bring to the role.

The children understand that being part of the team it is a privilege and a responsibility; assisting staff in helping to develop the Catholic Life of the school and ensure that prayer and liturgy at St Joseph's are as consistent, rich and varied as possible. 

Members of the Pupil Chaplaincy Team take on a variety of roles; and they undertake these with maturity and diligence.

They make fantastic suggestions during their regular Chaplaincy Team Meetings and make a real difference to life at St Joseph's.

Year 4 Chaplaincy Team Members
Year 5 and 6 Chaplaincy Team Members

Quotes from members of the Chaplaincy Team:

'Being part of the Pupil Chaplaincy Team is a great honour as we look back to all the things we have done to branch out in our Catholic faith'.

'Being part of the Pupil Chaplaincy Team has shaped us'.

'The most important role was to maintain our belief and trust in God as we progressed through the year'.

'We have achieved our goals within our role - to help people grow in God's love'.

All the staff at St Joseph's are indebted to the members of the Pupil Chaplaincy Team for their dedication, faithfulness and support. 

Year 6 Chaplaincy Team