St Joseph's Catholic Primary School

Saint John Southworth Catholic Academy Trust

On Tuesday, 27th June 2023, schools within the Saint John Southworth Catholic Academy Trust came together for the second Foundation Day Mass at Westminster Cathedral.

The Saint John Southworth Catholic Academy Trust was established in September 2021 with the aim of creating a family of schools in line with the Diocesan vision, built in solidarity to give our pupils all they need to grow whilst receiving an outstanding Catholic education.

Mass was celebrated not only on the Feast Day of St John Southworth, but in the presence of his mortal remains so lovingly preserved and cherished in Westminster Cathedral at the heart of the Diocese.

Mr Stacey (Head of School) led Years 5 and 6 on a 'mini pilgrimage' to the place where St John Southworth usually rests. We talked about the very brave things St John Southworth did and we prayed for him in the chapel.


20 choir members from St Joseph's joined Cardinal Vaughan's Schola Cantorum to sing beautiful music during the service. In addition, pupil representatives from other schools in the Trust delivered readings.