At St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School we aim to follow the National Curriculum Art objectives and provide all our children with opportunities to experience and develop a range of artistic skills and styles through learning about a wide variety of artists. We encourage the children to appreciate the awe and wonder of the subject by being exposed to a diverse range of art and seeing how art is present in our daily lives and the world around us.

We want our children to be inspired to imitate famous artists, recognise and recreate their styles and works of art. They will develop the skills and confidence to explore their own creative ideas and produce their own original pieces of artwork.


Art lessons are planned and delivered by class teachers, led by the Leader of the Arts. We use the National Curriculum statutory requirements for the knowledge base of our curriculum. We also include some non-statutory elements to provide an expansive curriculum that is tailored to our students. In addition, we use our Art Progression in Skills document to plan for the skills to be taught. These documents provide the structure for the appropriate development of artistic skills over time and ensure consistency across the year groups and key stages.

Teachers use the statutory and non-statutory objectives to create both long and medium term plans. Our long term plans outline each of the topic titles and foci that will be covered in each class over the year. Class teachers also create medium term plans to provide additional details about a topic’s content. We are a member of the National Society for Education in Art and Design and make good use of the expertise available through them.

Art themes and plans may be linked to other class topics when appropriate and with other subjects such as English, History and Geography.

Teachers also make the most of providing the children with learning opportunities outside of school by visiting local museums and galleries for inspiration and broadening their learning experiences, such as visiting world class museums: The National Gallery and the Victoria and Albert museum, and visiting local spaces to inspire their own artwork.

Art lessons will include opportunities to study, imitate, and be inspired by famous artists. Children will have time to explore and experiment with their own ideas, develop and refine their techniques, evaluate their work and create finished pieces. Learning takes place through both independent and collaborative activities. In Key Stage 2, sketchbooks provide children with their own space to experiment with ideas, keep a record of their experiences and express themselves creatively.

All children have their artwork displayed to the wider school community at our annual Art exhibition. Children are encouraged to take part in Art competitions both inside and outside of school. They are also given opportunities to display their artwork outside of school, such as in Peter Jones and in the Steve McQueen Year 3 Project at Tate Britain.


All children, including SEND children, make progress in Art, regardless of their ability. Teacher’s evaluate children’s work during and at the end of every lesson as well as when a piece of work is completed. Children take part in self and peer assessment exercises as well as receive verbal feedback from their teacher and are allowed the time to improve their work as appropriate. This ongoing dialogue supports the development of skills, helping children know what they need to do to improve their technique and so impacting on their long term memories.

Children receive a summative assessment in their end of year report.

The Leader of the Arts has begun to compile an evidence bank of examples of work across the school to demonstrate skill progression across the school.

Success is celebrated through class displays and an annual whole school Art Exhibition. The Art Exhibition follows on from our annual Art Week which includes educational visits to museums, to local venues, for example to experience plein air painting, and visits by artists. Our Arts link governor is a published artist and generously gives her time to inspire and support the children. These additional enrichment opportunities help to increase our children’s cultural capital.

Children’s original art is shared and showcased within the school community and further afield through school art exhibitions and taking part in local and national initiatives, e.g. borough led competitions and exhibitions held at the Town Hall or presented in published calendars.

Having learnt about artists from the past and the present and having had opportunities to explore a variety of techniques, we hope our children will be inspired to become the artists of the future and develop an enjoyment and appreciation of art for life.

Art Knowledge and Skills Progression

Art Curriculum Overview