The School as a Catholic Community

The Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, RE Co-ordinator, Governors and senior staff constantly reinforce the vision and expectation that RE is the core of the core curriculum.

The Chair of Governors and the Governing Body provide outstanding support and commitment to the place of Religious Education in the school.

RE is the foundation of all that is done at St Joseph’s and it receives 10% of curriculum time.

Our Catholic ethos underpins all we strive to achieve at St Joseph’s. Gospel values are at the heart of our relationships and our learning.

‘The Heart of the School’ is a focal</a point for the school community. We gather here to share, pray, talk and celebrate together – to build our catholic community.

All staff (including administrative and site staff) receive INSET and CPD on the Catholic nature of education (e.g. the CCRS). There is a shared understanding of the privilege and responsibility it is to work in a Catholic School.

Staff pray and reflect together regularly and understand that pupils deserve the best Religious Education possible; developing their religious literacy and experiencing the richness of Catholic community.


Mary Mary

        Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus