St Joseph's Catholic Primary School


Dear St Joseph,

Help us to love and care,

To be gentle and fair.

Help us to work and play together,

Help us to live and grow together,

To be always glad to help each other,

Happy in your loving care.


Prayer time at St Joseph’s provides opportunities for spiritual growth and development through participation in a variety of forms of worship and all forms of prayer – formal, informal, spontaneous, private, shared, petitionary and meditative.

We aim to help the children value and respect the power of prayer and to use it to help strengthen the children’s relationship with God.

We want to be a praying community. It is important for children to know the ‘formal’ prayers of the church which we may all pray together and which we all hear and say with the parish / family communities outside school.

We also value ‘formal’ prayers which have been written especially for children and which hold meaning for them. With these two aspects in mind, we aim to teach particular prayers to the children.

Children are encouraged to develop their individual prayer life through daily participation in collective worship, grace before meals and afternoon prayer.

Prayer does not only mean ‘formal’ prayers. We do hope to help each other to listen to God speaking to us and to respond in our hearts and minds during moments or stillness, reflection and silence.

We also encourage prayer writing by the children themselves.

Each class has a prayer area which provides a focus for prayer in the classroom. Opportunities for prayer arise often from the ‘Come and See’ scheme, but particularly during the ‘Respect’ and ‘Rejoice’ sections.

At St Joseph’s, the children are taught to know by heart the following prayers:

The Sign of The Cross
The Lord’s Prayer
The Hail Mary
Grace Before Meals
Afternoon Prayer
Birthday Prayer

During Key Stage 2, children become familiar with and are encouraged to learn:

The Act of Contrition
Praying of the Rosary
Responses to the Mass
The Guardian Angel Prayer
The Confiteor
The Apostles’ Creed


Loving God
You created all the people of the world and you know each of us by name
We thank you for these children celebrating their Birthdays
Bless them with your love and friendship
So that they may grow in wisdom knowledge and grace
May they love their families always
And be ever faithful to their friends
Grant this through Christ Our Lord