St Joseph’s Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA)

I would like to welcome you to St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and introduce the school’s Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA).  As the name suggests, all parents and teachers are members of the PTFA.  The PTFA is guided by a committee comprised of a representative (rep) and deputy representative/s from each class. The purpose of the PTFA is to support the management, staff, parents and most importantly, children at St Joseph’s.  To achieve this goal, we have set out four initiatives:

  • Involved Parents – Developing a closer relationship among parents and the school fosters community. A shared commitment to the school promotes the well – being of our children, which improves student achievement. The classroom rep encourages the involvement of parents through socialising and regular communications.
  • Communication – The PTFA promotes the sharing of information to the school community keeping members informed of current events, issues and accomplishments. Likewise, the PTFA can collectively communicate constructive feedback to the school at large. The classroom rep enables the sharing of appropriate information through individual classroom arrangements via email and Whatsapp.
  • Leverage Volunteer Power – The PTFA organises involved parents as dedicated volunteers, whether it is for regular or one-off, small or large functions. The classroom rep invites and maintains a list of parents ready to assist the rep and PTFA in fulfilling its responsibilities.
  • Tap Into More Resources – With education experiencing decreasing budgets and increased workloads, the PTFA can aid the school by seeking value – add programmes and fundraising. The PTFA can identify resources amongst both the parent and wider community to support school programmes, building improvements, and educational events. The classroom rep enables this by helping to identify those resources that can benefit the school.

In order to be successful, we need the support and involvement of the parents of our students, and the management and staff at St Joseph’s. We encourage each of you to show your commitment by joining in.

As the year progresses our PTFA Facebook group will be updated with news and pictures.  If you haven’t done so, please join by contacting the school office or PTFA reps to receive the link to the web page.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries or ideas:

Your Class Representatives


Nursery – Paula and Maria
Reception – Tsira and Marcela
Year 1 – Ryan and Debbie
Year 2 – Maryna, Teresa and Natasha
Year 3 – Irene
Year 4 – Stephanie and Valeria
Year 5 – Raquel
Year 6 – Natasha

Fundraising update for the academic year 2016-17:

Oct 2016: International Brunch £1,230
Dec 2016: Christmas Disco £1,310
June 2017: Summer Fair £14,822 (with further donations to come)

Grand Total = £17,362


As promised, the money raised from the large events will go towards the development of the playground. This is a fairly costly project and quotes are in the region of £40,000.

Classes also held their own fundraising drives, some of which were :

EYFS: £478 Mud Kitchen and Floor Play mat
Year 5: £528 Lourdes Pilgrimage
Year 1: £325 Zoo Trip and Party

There was also a huge amount of charity donations this year and they were:

Oct 2016: CAFOD £183
Oct 2016: Macmillan Coffee Morning £627
Nov 2016: Children in Need £422
Nov 2016: Cake Sale for Sports Relief £155
Feb 2017: Great Ormond St Hospital £400
May 2017: Muddy Puddles (Children in Need) £987
May 2017: CAFOD £441
July 2017: Grenfell Tower £855

The generosity and motivation of our school community is not to be underestimated! Not only have you improved the lives of our children, but also the lives of many children and adults both in London and around the world.

Kind regards,

Ryan Yap – PTFA Committee Chair