School Council

At St Joseph’s we encourage children to be free thinkers and to contribute to the life of the school.  The ideal forum for this is the School Council.  Children from Years 2 to 6 have the opportunity to be elected by their peers to represent their class views and to serve on the School Council.

The School Council meets once a week, led by Mrs Frances Bartley, the High Level Teaching Assistant and Mentor.  The members enjoy and thrive in this</a formal setting and often discuss valuable issues such as appreciation of the different languages spoken at St Joseph’s, art projects with a recycling theme, school food, fund-raising for projects and for charities, activity requests and much, much more.

The School Council are also called upon from time to time to be ambassadors of the school at various events, a duty they all carry out with pride.  Watch this space for an interesting and fascinating project from some of the members!